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Welcome to de Kleine Jacob Development

Jacobs Bay can be found on a two kilometer stretch of coastline along the Cape West Coast, approximately an hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town. Although fairly isolated, it’s not far from its neighbouring seaside towns and is situated midway between Vredenberg and Saldanha Bay.

de Kleine Jacob

Jacobs Bay can be found on a two kilometre stretch of coastline along the Cape West Coast, approximately and hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town. Although fairly isolated, it’s not far from its neighbouring seaside towns and is situated midway between Vredenberg and Saldanha Bay.

The natural fynbos surrounding Jacobsbaai supports a variety of wildlife including jackal, duiker, steenbok and tortoise. Birding is popular here too – for buzzards, kites and eagles, while southern right whales and dolphins can often be spotted along the coast. In spring the landscape transforms into a riot of colour, with daisies and wild flowers adorning the hamlet of Jacobsbaai all the way to the sea.

Jacobsbaai’s seven individual bays are Kwaaibaai, Jacobsbaai, Smalbaai and Moerie se baai which are great for launching boats from. Kwaaibaai is popular amongst surfers, while Bamboesbaai are renowned for diving, and fishing.

Smalbaai is where you will find Oystercatchers and cormorants sunning on the rocks and Mauritzbaai can be awash with hundreds of terns roosting on the rocks in the shallow waters.

The sandy beach of Hospital Bay is ideal for swimming and sunning. Seals often use Hospital Bay as a refuge to heal, hence the bay is called Hospital Bay.

Enjoy seafood prepared by locals restaurants, or just have a traditional braai with the family.

In Vredenburg (15km away) there are various Hospitals and if you want a exceptional shopping experience then visit the Weskus Mall with over 70 shops to choose from.

Units Available

We have 3 stunning units for you to chose from.

2 Bedroom Unit

Unit Type 1: 2 Bedroom Unit (119m2)

3 Bedroom Unit

Unit Type 1: 3 Bedroom Unit (158m2)

4 Bedroom Unit

Unit Type 1: 4 Bedroom Unit (173m2)

Die Ontwikkeling / The Development

Geleë in die rustige, vreedsame dorpie van Jacobsbaai, waar die blou water op natuurlike strande vloei, beloof ons luukse strandhuise en ‘n gemaklike seelewe. Jacobsbaai is geleë aan die Weskus van Suid Afrika, en is ‘n voormalige vissersdorpie wat ‘n oord dorp geword het. Dit het ‘n atmosfeer van stil eksklusiwiteit. Aangesien dit ‘n luukse strandbestemming is, is dit perfek vir diegene wat ‘n luukse gemeenskap soek om in te vestig. Ons ontwikkeling bestaan uit 38 luukse Weskus eiendomme wat onbelemmerde panoramiese uitsigte oor die Weskus bied. Dit bied ook strande en die gerief van luukse restaurante en kafees.

De Kleine Jacob luukse strandhuise is ‘n mengsel van ‘n premium en aktiewe leefstyl. Ons see-ontwikkeling is onberispelik ontwerp met klip-afwerkings  en sluit boumateriaal in wat plaaslik verkry is en omgewingsvriendelik is. Elkeen van ons 38 lig gevulde eenhede bied ‘n verskeidenheid leefruimtes aan om van te kies, wat wissel tussen twee, drie en vier slaapkamer-eenhede. Behalwe vir die pragtige wooneenhede bied De Kleine Jacob se luukse strandhuise ongeëwenaarde geriewe. n Klipgooi vanaf die pragtige blou see, wit strande en uitstekende restaurante. De kleine Jacob is slegs 130km vanaf Kaapstad en 20km vanaf Vredenburg en Saldanha.

Situated in a peaceful, beautiful little town, Jacobsbay where the blue waters stretch all along a beautiful bay. It’s here where we promise the absolute modern feel mixed with the simplicity of living at the coast. Jacobsbay is situated in the west coast of South-Africa and has transformed from a small fisherman’s town to a popular holiday destination over the years. Because this area is seen as a modern day lifestyle area it’s ideal for those who are looking for a modern community to live amongst. The developments consists of 38 modern properties that without any distractions or hindrances look out over the coastal area.

De Kleine Jacob modern houses is a mixture between an exclusive and active lifestyle. Our development includes unique rock art and building materials that are environmental friendly and sourced locally. Each of our 38 light filled units offers a unique variety of living spaces to choose from and there is two, three and four bedroom units to choose from. Apart from our beautiful, modern units De Kleine Jacob is positioned in beautiful nature right next to the ocean, white beaches and beautiful restaurants. Jacobsbay is 130km rom Cape Town and 20km from Vredenburg and Saldanha.